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Pole Cam

  For the times when you can't use a drone, there is pole cam. You don't need a special photograph pole. We adapted a Wolf-tools extending pole with rock-steady results. Using a camera on a pole, often referred to as a "pole camera" or "telescopic camera pole," has several advantages and use cases compared to using a drone. Here are some reasons why someone might choose a camera on a pole over a drone: 1. Indoor Use: Drones are typically designed for outdoor use, whereas a camera on a pole can be used indoors. This makes it suitable for various indoor inspections, such as building inspections, search and rescue operations, or even inspecting machinery in manufacturing facilities. 2. No Flight Restrictions: Drones are subject to flight regulations, which can limit where and when they can be flown. In contrast, a camera on a pole doesn't face these restrictions, making it a more versatile option. 3. Cost-Efficiency: A camera on a pole can be a more cost-ef

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