Using a slider

When the object is not moving much, a slider can add some more interest by revealing what is going on as the thing comes into view.

Using a slider in videography can greatly elevate the production value of your content, but like any tool, it has both benefits and disadvantages. Here's a breakdown:


  1. Smooth Movement: Sliders provide steady, controlled motion, giving your footage a professional look. The fluid movement can be hard to achieve through handheld or other techniques.

  2. Dynamic Shots: Sliders allow for horizontal, vertical, or diagonal tracking shots, introducing dynamism and depth into your videos.

  3. Storytelling Enhancement: A slider can be used to reveal or hide elements within a scene, aiding in storytelling. For example, it can slowly reveal a character or an object that is central to the story.

  4. Focus Shifts: A slider can help smoothly shift focus between foreground and background or between two subjects.

  5. Versatility: Sliders come in various sizes and can be used in diverse settings, from tight indoor spaces to broad outdoor landscapes.

  6. Elevate Production Value: A slider can make your content look more professional and polished, setting your videos apart.

  7. Controlled Speed: Sliders often come with adjustable speed settings, allowing for both rapid and slow, contemplative movements.


  1. Setup Time: A slider takes time to set up, especially if you aim for precise shots. This can slow down the overall production process.

  2. Portability: Even though compact sliders are available, carrying additional gear can be cumbersome, especially if you're shooting in remote or difficult-to-access locations.

  3. Learning Curve: Like any equipment, using a slider effectively requires practice and skill. Achieving the right speed, angle, and focus during a slide can take time to master.

  4. Cost: Good quality sliders can be expensive, increasing production costs.

  5. Limited Length: Sliders have a fixed length, so your shots are restricted to the length of the slider. This can be limiting, especially if you're trying to capture a longer tracking shot.

  6. Maintenance: Sliders contain moving parts that can wear out over time or get damaged. They require regular maintenance to function smoothly.

  7. Overuse: There's a risk of overusing slider shots, making your video feel repetitive. It's crucial to use them judiciously in contexts where they add value.

While sliders offer several benefits that can improve your videos' visual quality and storytelling potential, they come with their own challenges. Like any tool, they are most effective when used thoughtfully and in the right context.


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