10 Top Tips for using a Tripod


1. Extend the legs out before putting the tripod onto the ground. This ensures that the legs are the same length.

2. Always spread the legs out fully. It makes the tripod more stable and in some cases locks the legs in place.

3. Once the tripod is in place then adjust one or two legs to make the tripod level. Using a level if you can.

4. The higher the tripod the more unstable it is. The camera often the heaviest part, affects the Centre of Mass of the tripod. The centre of mass needs to be in the centre of the three legs. The lower the centre of mass is the more stable the tripod. So using a heavy bag suspended from the centre of the head often helps.

5. Use the centre column sparingly as it decreases the stability of the tripod.

6. Arrange the legs if possible so that one leg points towards the talent, or subject.

7.However if you are on a downward slope reverse the tripod so that the two legs face down the slope to increase the stability.

8.Make sure the tripod you use outside has rubber or foam grips on the legs to stop freezer burn, and use the grippy feet or if on grass the pointy feet.

9. If using a long lens mount the lens on the tripod the make the system more balanced.

10. For nearly all video you need a pan and tilt head. If you can set the drag or friction resistance so that the head will easily move but not too much so that when you stop pushing it it stops too.


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