What ever you want to make its always about location. 

It doesn't even matter if it's an Animation is requires a location.

The location matters on what you want to do with your film. The location has to be part of the story you are trying to convey. 

The location can be outside or inside but there are some things you do have to consider before you shoot.

What does the background do? Is it there to tell part of the story, is it to put the video in context or is it there to cause a problem.

Let us look at two scenes - same room but facing the opposite directions.
The location tells a different story in each image.

When outside the time of the day tells a different story and unlike a photograph a video can go on for a significant period of time and during this time the light can change, the sun gets higher or lower in the sky, clouds come over and obscure the sun, or the sun can come out from behind a cloud. The fog might draw in, or it might start to rain. All are problems with the location. Some of this you can control and some you can't.

Even if you are inside the sun and the clouds can affect the shot so the location has to be chosen with care. This is why in big productions the locations are chosen and it is why with small films, even family films the location should be chosen. Shooting a film with the sun in everyone's eyes doesn't make for a good video. So before you start filming look around and decide is this the best spot?

Changing the lighting in a room is often much easier than you think. Look at the windows is the sun pouring in or could it change in the next few minutes. Changing where you sit or changing rooms or choosing a different day or time of day makes all the difference. This is the basic difference between video ands photography. Photography is about the moment, and video is about the time. Both are about planning, planning when to get the best shot, where to get the best shot and how to get the best shot. But at this point the two diverge, because with a video the location can change as the subject or the camera moves.


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