The establishing shot

The Establishing Shot

This where we start with most videos. This shot sets the scene of where the video is going to take place. You can look at the scene and have some idea of where the action is taking place, in a studio, or on location at a ...

Length of shot
Typically a few seconds


A sturdy Tripod with a smooth pan and tilt Head

Camera with a wide Angle lens to see all the scene

The talent 

How to Film it

This shot is a far away shot trying to capture where the action in the video will take place. It can be a photograph of the scene since it isn't necessarily going to move although a quick capture of any scene usually has some movement in it.

To improve on this shot a very slow pan of the scene is usually good, or a zoom in or out depending on where the action is.


So this is a church - now we know where

Then the next cut is no surprise even if it isn't what is expected.


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