Top 10 tips for filming wih a Monopod

 10 Tricks and Tips for using a Monopod

  1. Use the Monopod for dolly shots by rocking the monopod forward and back.
  2. Hold the monopod at the base and lift the camera into the air for that overhead crane shot.
  3. Use a foot on the monopod feet to improve stability
  4. You can also mount microphones on a monopod to make a boom mic or a light stand.
  5. Use the monopod as a selfie stick.
  6. Poke a camera through a window or door for a POV shot.
  7. Turn upside down and film upside down to get great foot tracking shots.
  8. Use your two legs and the monopod as a third leg of a tripod.
  9. Get that pan shot by twisting the monopod
  10. Turn the monopod and camera upside down and use a a cheap steadicam.


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