Prepare. Its not just the Camera you need.

What makes a better video and the simple answer is preparation.

You are about to make your video. But it isn't about just grabbing the camera and off you go.  Its about being prepared before you go. Preparation doesn't have to take a long time, but before you shoot any video there are things to sort out. Preparation is about the first three parts of this blog. Here are a list of questions you need to ask yourself before you press the button.


The place. All videos are filmed somewhere. Take a quick look at the scene.

Where will the subject be?

Where will you stand?

Is anything in the way? Then move it


Is the sun going to be in anyone's eyes?

Do I need to turn things around?

Do I need a reflector to lighten some parts of the scene?

Do I need a light? Generally the more light the better. Controllable light is the best. Turn on the lights in a room does it make the situation better? 


What sound do you need?

What microphones do you have?

Are these mics best on the camera or on the subject?

What's Next?

What are you going to record? If you watch an advert or any professional programme on TV, you will see that the camera doesn't just stays in one place, but the camera angles are moved and cut from one piece of action to another. The resulting clips are then put together not necessarily in the order they were filmed to create a much better video.

So let's go and try this in a series of exercises, to get you to make better video.

Exercise 1

We are going to try a very short video 15 secs long, on opening a door and saying hello. Lets pretend a visitor is coming to the house for some event at your home and rather than just starting with the event you can see them arrive. This could be a parent arriving. It could be the kids coming down the stairs and into a room. I will leave the choice of the place and scene and story to you.

Once you have completed the video then publish this on some platform and send me the link to and I will take a look at it review it and may publish the best ones.

On the website you will find many more little videos you can create to test your skills in film making on


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